Aloha… Your Killer.
— The Killer's salutation
Party Crasher
Season 1, Episode 7
Party Crasher
Air date: August 4, 2013
Written by: Anthony E. Zuiker
Trey Callaway [1]
Directed by: Anthony B. Sacco
Viewers: 2.99 mil [2]
Ratings: 1.0 [2]
Winner: Lindsey
Scared: Ronnie and Melina
Murdered: Ronnie
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Party Crasher is the 7th episode of Whodunnit? Season 1 that aired on ABC [3] on August 4, 2013. This episode digs further to the investigations of Geno's "death".


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In this episode, Geno was found dead underneath the chandelier during the luau, killed during the blackout. In the main room, the killer used green fluorescent paint highlighting on the Rue Manor crest on the dance floor. He/she then placed a timer in the socket and set to short circuit the lights at midnight during the luau. The killer then painted on the kukui nutshell lei with uv reactive, then used a bobby pin to break into Geno's room, placed the lei on the bed, then wrote a note to Geno to steal Giles' phone. The killer's initial plan was for Geno to wear the lei to the luau and then the killer would strangle Geno once the lights were out. The plan didn't work out, because Geno left the lei behind in his room while taking the note. During the luau, while Giles gave Geno his jacket to do the limbo, Geno snaked Giles' phone. The lights then went out at midnight, and the killer has a "Plan B". He/she put on night vision goggles and used 9mm pistol to shoot Geno in the stomach. The guests didn't hear the gunshot because the pistol has a silencer. The killer then dragged Geno to the illuminated crest on the floor, then used a hand crank to drop the chandelier onto Geno's "already dead" body, labeling the chandelier as a red herring. At dinner, Ronnie and Melina both received scared cards, but like Don and Dana, they both survived the night. In the morning, the guests were taken to a spa, each receiving a different service: Lindsey, a mani-pedi; Kam, a royal massage; Cris, a yoga session; Melina, a facial; and Ronnie, a dip in the hot tub. While everyone is enjoying their treatments, an explosion blasted Ronnie out of the hot tub and into the pool. The pool was covered in fog as it looks as if the temperature of the water is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Ronnie was eliminated.


  • Note: This time, the investigation was due on the morning, approximately 12 hrs after the happenstance.
Burnt Socket

The rigged socket

Crime Scene PhotosEdit

First, Kam intended to approach the crime scene solo but then joined by Ronnie at the eleventh hour, which is later deemed to be a seriously bad choice for team Ronnie. The first thing noticed by the two is the rope hanging just 3 feet above the floor, looks like the chandelier was lowered down rather than sent straight to Geno. There was also a trail of blood signifying Geno's body was dreaded to the crashing point, which is inconsistent with the crashing chandelier theory. The Rue Manor's crest symbol apparently got fluoresced. Unknown to Ronnie, Kam found a vital piece of evidence proving the blackout was not coincident at all. The socket was rigged, with a timer, so that a power outage should occur at midnight, when all the guests were dancing in the main foyer.

Wanna join the searching party? Let's begin ↓


The plan-A lei

Last Known WhereaboutsEdit

Team Ronnie first decided to send someone watching Lindsey's back, for she's manipulative and opportunistic and that someone should've been Ronnie, but he had chosen to supervised Kam instead, leaving Lindsey a big chance scouring Geno's room uninterrupted. There, she found a lei with a torn notepad on Geno's bed. The lei is characterised by the fluoresced green paint and 2 nooses on the ends. With the help of a pencil, Lindsey could partially "read" the message left by (presumably The Killer): "Steal Giles' cell phone, and you will be spared."

The MorgueEdit

At first sight, Cris and Melina managed to find pieces of glass on Geno's neck. But the most shocking part was the damaged belly button. Putting herself together, Cris slowly pulled a bullet out of the wound, much to Melina's disgust. As the chandelier left a series of marks on Geno's back, none could have penetrated his belly button, thus definitely not the smoking gun. While checking the evidence, Cris suggested Melina come to her side as Ronnie's ship's sinking fast. Melina considered such possibility, but didn't reply.

Big Evidence Bags

Big evidence bags strike again

While checking the luau outfit, they were shock by ringing tone. As they took the call, Giles' voice could be heard saying:"Who is this?" "I am Cris." "This is Melina." — replied Cris and Melina. Then, they found out that they're holding Giles' missing cell phone, consistent with the note in Geno's room. They were then asked to leave the cell phone in the morgue.


The group gathered at the poolside where Giles was sunbathing in a quirky outfit. As usually, he read the message left by The Killer:

I'm going to blind you, so you cannot see.
Walls with no sight, so you can be me.
If you find them, you could see in the dark.
Twist the knob to focus. Then you might embark.
Message In The Dark

Good job! Now look for the tunnel!

For better understanding of how the murder was carried out. All contestants had to have a blindfold on, so they could later be enlightened. Taken to the dark room, they was tasked to find night vision goggles, which helps them "see in the dark", and thus a written message on the wall.
Crawling his way out of the tunnel, Ronnie was the first to find the second riddle on the uv flashlights that reads
Riddle 7.2
A cold bed with no view implied the morgue, where 5 kukui nut leis were hung on the wall, each accompanied by a note reading:
Break the string and arrange the letters.
Use the light. That's even better.
Spell three words to hear the clue.
Beware of monkey see, monkey do.
The uv light revealed some written letters on the nuts. Well, both Ronnie and Melina, who had figured out the morgue first, are not fans of arranging letters and wasted more than 5 minutes just for the riddle part. While Kam took the lei, and solved it in like 5 seconds. The message which read "See No Evil" implied the See No Evil monkey statuette in the library, which contained another message:
Geno crashed my party, as you can see.
I had to resort to "plan B".
Go back to the great room, to the top drawer.
See how I improvised, a life no more.
Riddle 7.3
There, Kam found a suppressed 9mm with a night vision goggles, much for a plan B.

State The CaseEdit

The bold italic denotes where the contestants crashed their good theories with monkey business:

  • Cris says that the kukui nuts has fluoresced paint on it. She also explains how the power went out, and such was the opportunity for the killer to hide the weapon unseen.
  • Kam notices the different lei intended solely for Geno as well as the electric outlet timer. then he proceeds to the events after Geno was shot, which is Geno getting dragged to the Rue Manor's crest on the floor
  • Lindsey considers the possibility that Geno would have been strangled had he worn the lei but quickly discards it with the theory that Geno's shot by the belly button with a silencer.
  • Melina thinks that Geno was told not to come based on the fact that some sort of note was left behind, also she thinks that he found Giles' cellphone. She also states that Geno was dragged to center, crashed with a chandelier, which was a good theory, until she says it was cut.
  • Ronnie comes up with the really interesting theory: the trained monkey of The Killer took the weapon, climbed up to the roof, pulled the pin of the chandelier, thus dropped it. Good job, Ronnie, really good job.


In the foyer, the killer had used green fluorescent paint to highlight the Rue Manor crest on the dance floor. A timer was also placed in the socket and was set to short circuit the lights at midnight during the luau. A special kukui nutshell lei was designed for Geno, painted with an invisible fluorescent paint; the killer used the bobby pin to break into Geno's room to both leave the lei on his bed and also to write the note to steal Giles' phone. "Plan A" was for Geno to wear the lei to the luau; once the lights went out, the killer would strangle Geno.

Instead, Geno took the note, left the lei behind, and headed to the luau. As instructed, while Giles did the limbo, Geno pocketed Giles' phone (according to the killer, this "dishonesty" gave more reason for the subsequent murder). Moving onto "Plan B," after the lights went out, the killer put on the night vision goggles, and used the silenced gun to fire a contact shot into Geno's stomach, lethally wounding him. Then as planned, the killer dragged Geno to the illuminated crest on the dance floor. This served as a target for the chandelier, which the killer then dropped using the lever hidden behind the curtains. Finally, the killer hid the night vision goggles and gun in a nearby drawer.


In the end:

  • For hiding the content of the note, Lindsey managed to be the life and soul of the whole party (which then greatly raised Cris' suspicion, as well as jealousy).
  • The rest of team Kam was spared.
  • Team Ronnie all went down with scared cards.
  • But it was the leader that headed into greater mishap.


  • This is the first episode to feature an actual gun, not just a slingshot.
  • A few scenes of Geno dancing were filmed as fillers, misleading some viewers to believe that he was really dancing when the light went out, which is inconsistent with the footage shown in the previous episode.

Postmortem [4]Edit

  1. Getting the house ready for each of the murders was no easy task. The chandelier that crushed Geno was specially installed the day before cast moved into the house and was hoisted up by crew-members via a skylight opening.
  2. With aid and proper training from the stunt department, Geno laid on the ground with the heavy crystal chandelier resting on his back while contestants reacted to his untimely death.
  3. The voice of the killer following Geno's death was show creator Anthony Zuiker.
  4. A gun silencer effectively suppresses the sound of a gunshot by slowing the escape of propellant gas from the gun’s barrel.
  5. Gun silencers are actually legal in many states. California, where production took place, is not one of those states.
  6. It is somewhat common for a bullet to fragment when fired through a gun ‘silencer’, causing multiple impact wounds to its intended target.
  7. The actual chandelier weighed 140 pounds.


  1. If there was fluorescent paint on the crest on the dance floor, it would be visible to everyone - not only those wearing night vision goggles. If the lei plan worked, that too would be visible to everyone. Justified by that those were not painted with fluorescence but rather uv reactive thus only visible to the night goggles [5].
  2. The light went out for a short period of time. Unless the killer was used to darkness, he or she would have spent about 10 mins or more groping for the goggles since everyone was amidst the foyer when the power outage occurred.

External Links/ReferencesEdit

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