Upward and onward… Your Killer.
— The Killer's salutation

Season 1, Episode 3
Air date: July 7, 2013
Written by: Anthony E. Zuiker,
Trey Callaway [1]
Directed by: Anthony B. Sacco
Viewers: 3.00 mil [2]
Ratings: 1.0 [2]
Winner: Lindsey
Scared: Dana and Don
Murdered: Don
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Kaboom is the third episode of Whodunnit? Season 1. It aired on July 7th, 2013 9/8c on ABC. [3] It continues where Fire Starter left off and ends at about 7:13 AM on day 4.


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In this episode, Adrianna was killed by an explosion while sitting in a golf cart. She went to the breakfast room for a bowl of cereal and watching an episode of a reality TV program. However the program was interrupted by a video footage of her and then it switched to a message that says "Drive Off The Property If You Want To Live". Adrianna dropped her cereal bowl and ran for the doors which was locked by The Killer using zip ties. Kicking the doors didn't help her. She found that the back door was unlocked and rushes out and ran down a set of stairs (which has thirteen steps) to a golf cart where the bomb was planted earlier by the Killer. Adrianna then drove the cart down the path until she swerved around a tree limb placed by the killer. After stopping the cart, she took out the gate clicker and pressed a button to try to open the gate, but instead it activated a surveillance camera allowing the killer who was in the attic to watch Adrianna right where he/she wants her to be. With the remote control, the killer pressed a bomb button detonating a bomb, blowing up the cart and sending Adrianna's lifeless body flying into a tree. At dinner, most of the guests were spared except for Don and Dana. At around 7:13 am the guests arrived with a formal breakfast. To their surprise both Don and Dana survived the night. Giles presented the guests steak and eggs. But Dana and Don discovered their steaks were raw. While Dana shared a cooked steak with Ulysses, Don goes to the kitchen to cook his raw steak. While Don was cooking his steak, a dumbwaiter opened up to reveal a mountain lion waiting inside...


Crime Scene PhotosEdit

This time, Kam, Geno and Ronnie paid a field trip to the crime scene, where they found wreckage scattering all over the front yard and a surveillance camera on a stick. See if you could find anything in this metal stack. ↓

Last Known WhereaboutsEdit

Well, the 4 who opted for a trip to the kitchen nook, Cris, Dana, Lindsey and Sasha, would find themselves in the spot of Dana, being supervised and told to "drive off the property if you want to live". A broken bowl with spilt cereal were found, and the TV is still on, suggesting Adrianna must have been eating her cereal while watching the flickered message on TV. There were shoe marks on the doors too, and it seemed that all the doors leading to main hall had been locked, or more precisely, zip tied. So The Killer clearly forced her to run through the back door facing front yard. And as the message told her to drive, she chose a golf cart nearby.

The MorgueEdit

As Adrianna's body stuck on a tree branch, the contestants opting the Morgue would "bring the morgue to the body". As her body curved around the tree branch, the team, consisting of Don, Melina and Ulysses, had no way of removing her, nor did the manor staff, so they had too examine her "body" on sight. And what they found is that the explosion started from below her feet and she tightly held a remote control at the time she was blown away. This time, Don kept it to Melina as he's afraid Ulysses might use some of their knowledge for his team's advantage.


The first one:

You covered your ears, you closed your eyes.
What you thought was a bomb was death in disguise.
Reach inside and have a ball.
Get a clue, mortals ! But that's not all !
Solution: The balls provided have the words "13 steps" imprinted on. The "13 steps" were actually those of the stairs in the front yard, leading to a golf cart. A remote on said golf cart gave away the second riddle.
Riddle 3.1

Leading to the third one found in a tape:

Riddle 3.2.1
Riddle 3.2.2
The second riddle suggested the contestants look for surveillance tapes, yet not "get played" by the clues within. Some did the other way and tried to put the tapes into many monitors deliberately placed around the mansion, which told them to "try again", misleading some to find other tapes as maybe only one was correct. Actually, the third riddle was concealed under the tapes' lid.
"Heat" apparently misdirected many to the fire place. Some from team Ronnie fancied hot air balloons. Well, Ronnie came up with the attic eventually and rushed to the top floor, leaving everyone behind as he shut the door. Ronnie, being the one and only to arrive, witnessed how Adrianna actually died. The footage showed that Adrianna tried to press the remote control but there was no response until The Killer blew her up with his destructive touch of a button, killing her in a sadistic way.

State The CaseEdit

The bold italic is where the contestant got it wrong.

  • Cris thinks that The Killer met Adrianna in the kitchen nook.
  • Geno states that because of the tree branch blocking her way, she had to veer into the grass. He still accuses Kam.
  • Kam still keeps his opinion, accuses Geno.
  • Lindsey says that The Killer must have forced her to leave through the the door leading to the front yard. She adds that The Killer must have watched her from the attic. She definitely doesn't trust her company, pointing against Cris.
  • Melina points out The Killer drew her out with a surveillance footage.
  • Ronnie says that The Killer detonates the bomb from the attic where he's hiding.
  • Sasha quotes exactly what the message read
  • Ulysses believes The Killer must have put the bomb under the seat.
  • Dana makes it to the point that Adrianna jumped into a golf cart, but stuck at where The Killer detonated the bomb. This time, Dana casts her suspicion on Kam.
  • Don thinks The Killer pushed the button to blow up a planted bomb on the ground.


The killer had planted a bomb in the golf cart and set the branch in the path. The killer then left a DVD in the disc drive of the television in the breakfast nook. As Adrianna watched television, the killer remotely started the DVD, instructing her to drive off the premises in order to stay alive. Adrianna tried to leave the room, but the killer had used zip-ties to secure all the doors except the one leading outside. She reached the golf cart and sped off, and as she approached the gates, she was forced to drive off the path to avoid the tree branch. Adrianna tried to use the remote control to open the gates, but instead this activated the camera near the scene. The killer, already holed up in the attic with video surveillance equipment, used this as a signal to remotely trigger the bomb on the cart, killing Adrianna and sending her body flying into a tree.


  • Lindsey is surprisingly the one to have guessed correctly and promise that The Killer will save her for last.
  • Cris, Geno, Kam, Lindsey, Melina, Ronnie, Sasha and Ulysses were lucky to "live" another day.
  • This is the second time Dana's received a "Scared" card.
  • Just like Dana, this is the second time Don's received one. As things seemed smoothly in the next morning, it turned out that Don became a lion's breakfast, or did he?


  • The "death" of Adrianna is the main subject investigated in this episode.
  • The line is drawn in this stage as there are distinctive 2 teams competing against each other. The first team comprises of Kam, Ulysses, Cris and arguably Lindsey. The second team is the other contestants who despise those 4, or necessarily either Kam the leader or Cris the favorite suspect. Lindsey plays double-cross as she uses the teams' information for her own advantage. Nevertheless, Ronnie and Melina trusts her enough to spill the beans as they've made a pact.
  • The title refers to how Adrianna was killed, with a blow of course.
  • Don, fearing that "death may come to get him", really gets something chasing for his stakes afterwards. It's not his real COD though.
  • Don's TOD, much like Adrianna's, refers to the same "gate" and the same "destruction" with different approach:

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." (Matthew 7:13) [4]

Postmortem [5]Edit

  1. For her part of her own murder, Adriana slumped "lifeless" over tree branches for more than 30 minutes.
  2. There were two golf carts used in the explosion, one that Adrianna drove to the end of the driveway and an identical one that was demolished by the explosion.
  3. Black powder and gasoline bombs, triggered by a detination wire, were responsible for turning the golf cart in to a giant fireball.
  4. Prior to Adrianna's murder, she watched "Rock of Love" with Bret Michaels, another show produced by show creator Cris Abrego.
  5. Rock of Love 3 was playing on the television during this episode. When the girls first discovered the flickering TV, they may have also noticed that Bret Michaels was in the process of eliminating Brittanya from his tour of love.
  6. Ulysses' wife and daughter stopped by the set to visit Ulysses and met Lindsey and Melina when the cast ate lunch. They even helped Cris with her makeup for State Your Case. 

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