I won't be played by your foolish game.
The Killer could be you... or me. Just the same!
Enough of the riddles, the ruckus, the rhymes.
I committed those murders 11 straight times!
Surprise, I'm the killer. I'm the one you've been looking for!
It is true, I am the real sinner.
Congratulations Kam, you are the winner.
The Killer to the winner.
Golden Cuffs
Season 1, Episode 9
Golden Cuffs
Air date: August 18, 2013
Written by: Anthony E. Zuiker
Directed by: Anthony B. Sacco
Viewers: 3.61 mil [1]
Ratings: 1.4 [1]
Winner: Kam
Runner-up: Lindsey
Murdered: Melina and Lindsey
The Killer: Cris
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Golden Cuffs is the 9th and finale of Whodunnit? Season 1, aired on ABC [2] on August 19, 2013. In this episode, all of the dead are awoken, making for an interesting twist, and the remaining contestants race to investigate Melina's disappearance, rescue Giles, and unmask the killer's identity.


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In this episode, Melina disappeared in the midst of the white smoke pouring in the room. When Kam, Lindsey, and Cris watched a video message from the killer, they found a 3-digit code (seen in the first episode) and entered into the killer's lair where the killer's been keeping weapons over the past several murders and discover Melina's "dead" body. They noticed Geno's "special lei" around Melina's neck correctly indicating that she was "strangled". The killer gave the three remaining contestants instructions on the final challenge that involves puzzle pieces and surprised them by "raising the dead" as they watched the "murdered" contestants walking down the stairs. Because Kam was the first to find a 3-digit code to the killer's lair, he gained a 1-piece advantage which led him to finish the puzzle first and received instructions to another secret room with Cris following him. Because Lindsey missed the "perception" question on her first attempt, she was the last to finish and was instead sent back to the lair where she was "struck in the throat by an arrow" shot from a rigged suit of armor. After Kam and Cris watched Lindsey "die", the truth came to light. Cris confessed to "killing 11 guests" and congratulated Kam for solving the case. Giles, who freed himself, arrived and gave Kam golden cuffs which he handcuffed Cris and she was "taken into custody" by the cops. Kam has won the $250,000.


There was no investigation, but instead, a final game created by the killer to test all of their skills and to determine who the killer's greatest adversary was. The test was in the form of a question mark shaped puzzle. The contestants had to complete nine tasks, each designated to a different investigation skill: skill, memory, tactile, logic, excavation, perception, sensory deprivation, evidence, and instinct. Kam had a head start over the two gals from solving the killer's first riddle where the killer's trophy room was discovered, and the dead body of Melina.


  • Sheri - Fish Tank - "Skill"
    • "I was shot dead by a flick of a shot. This test is skill to see what you've got. Run outside the window and take a shot at my head. When the glass breaks, you'll know that I'm dead. Shoot the right one if you want the right piece. Where was my face pointed, before I was deceased?"
  • Dontae - Poolside - "Memory"
    • "You all know me from Dontae's Inferno. Burned to a crisp, but little did you know. I died from, of all things, static cling. I went out with a blaze, but here is the thing. My saint that night was quite a no-show. Fire away my friends, Saint Agatha or Saint Elmo?"
  • Adrianna - Backyard Oak Tree - "Tactile"
    • "My golf cart exploded before I could yell, "Fore!" I went out with a bang. Who could ask for more? Reassemble the bomb that ended my life. Once assembled, cut the right wire with a snip of the knife. Question? What color were the letters in my video? Red or blue. Only I'd know…"
  • Don - Kitchen - "Logic"
    • "It's rare that you'd survive the attack of a lion. I died from cyanide without even trying'. On the counter, you'll find five logic clues. Put them in the correct order -- that you choose. Work out my logic of putting Kona behind that trapped door. Just don't be alarmed at the bloody sound of his roar."
  • Ulysses - Front Yard - "Excavation"
    • "I got snake bit a few days ago. While the rest of you guys were all yelling, "Whoa". Remember the color of that scarlet king snake he left in my pouch? One is non-poisonous. The other one bites. Ouch! Bring me the snake I hid on the horse. If that one bites, it won't kill you. Of course…"
  • Dana & Sasha - Theater - "Perception"
    • "'Quiet in the theater' is what's always heard. We are both drained and cannot say a word. Study the images on the left and the right. Spot how many are different and then you can write your answer down and hand it to me. Here's a hint. It's no more than seven and no less than three."
  • Geno - Library - "Sensory Deprivation"
    • "Aloha, friends, welcome to a place where you don't hear a sound. Especially the crash of a chandelier drowned. Inside the chest are four items for you. Without any sight, you have one thing to do. Open the chest but don't waste your time. Choose the item that's not part of the crime."
  • Ronnie - Hot Tub - "Evidence"
    • "As you can see, my hot tub is quite warm and quite cold. You're welcome to come in, if you are quite that bold. Inside of this tub are many different beans. But only the castor had the means to take my life in the cruelest of ways. Hand me this bean in this hot tub of haze."
  • Giles - Attic - "Instinct"
    • "Am I, or Am I Not The Killer?"

The KillerEdit

Kam and Cris enter the killer's lair after solving their puzzles. After accusing each other as the killer, a screen shows up and a video of Lindsay entering the killer's trophy room plays. The video shows a knight statue shooting an arrow at Lindsey's neck, killing her. Cris admits to killing the other elven contestants and crowns Kam Perez as the winner of Whodunnit and $250,000.


Postmortem [3]Edit

  1. To become the ‘walking dead’ for the final episode, the eliminated cast began their make-overs at 4am on the day of the shoot.
  2. The robotic knight that made the final kill was actually one of the show producers wearing the suit of armor.
  3. The officers who showed up to arrest the killer were none other than show creators and Executive Producers Cris Abrego & Anthony Zuiker.
  4. During taping for episode 1.09, the zombies decided to partake in a spontaneous conga line dance. Melina was invited to join in shortly afterward. Ulysses tripped and stepped on Don twice during this.

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