First Victim
Season: 1
Result: Murdered
Role: First Victim
Ep. of Death: Season premiere

To become a musician, you must write the first song. To become a painter, you must sketch your first drawing. And to become a serial killer, you must kill someone or something first. Unfortunately, The Killer on this show hasn't experimented too much with cats and dogs, so his first ever victim must be one of the contestants, the sacrificial lamb for the players to investigate. For such purpose, there comes First Victim.


Season 1Edit

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On the first day at Rue Manor, 13 guests gathered at the main hall in the mansion. They had fun introducing themselves with a toast. Suddenly, Sheri dropped her champagne glass, which later cost her life. When she was taking a shower, The Killer forced his/her way in with a crowbar, left a note telling her to meet him/her at the fish tank. Later, when Sheri went to the fish tank, The Killer stood outside and used a slingshot to shoot a musket ball through the back of her neck, killing her instantly by severing her spinal cord.


Sheri was not an actor, but was told to drop her glass and make sure everyone noticed it. This shattering event started the diabolical game of WHODUNNIT?.


  • Sheri had surely known what her fate would be even before the game started. [1]

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