SSSS-incerely yours… Your Killer.
— The Killer's salutation
Bum Ba Dee Da
Season 1, Episode 5
Bum Ba Dee Da
Air date: July 21, 2013
Written by: Anthony E. Zuiker
Trey Callaway [1]
Directed by: Anthony B. Sacco
Viewers: 2.96 mil [2]
Ratings: 1.0 [2]
Winner: Cris
Scared: Sasha, Dana, and Geno
Murdered: Dana and Sasha
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Bum Ba Dee Da is the 5th episode of Whodunnit? Season 1, aired on ABC [3] on July 21, 2013. It follows the gangs through a nice country ride and the investigations into Ulysses' "death".


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In this episode, Ulysses was killed during the horseback ride. As the guests rode their horses down the path to the stables, one of the horses set off the tripwire releasing the birds that frightened the horses. During the confusion, The Killer stealthily stabs Ulysses with a board that has nails lined up like a snake bite and laced with ground oleander, which is poisonous. The toxins kicked in causing Ulysses to slump over his horse and fall off and never getting back on the saddle. The killer then places the non-poisonous Scarlet King Snake in Ulysses' horse's left saddle bag as a decoy. At the campfire, in a surprising twist, three people received the scared cards (Dana, Sasha, and Geno). The guests then hiked back to Rue Manor. The next morning the guests heard a piano playing. Geno went downstairs and discovers Dana and Sasha by the piano. The killer has killed two people at the same night.


Crime Scene PhotosEdit

The favorite rivals are back on their investigation of Ulysses' horse, "Oleander". While searching for a possible COD, they heard some hiss coming from the left saddle bag. And Kam drew out a snake with red, black and white stripes on its scale. So they thought, this would have bitten Ulysses and killed him instantly. Also, they found that trip wires had been used to open the bird case, distracting the horses, as well as the riders.

Take a closer look, and see what you've missed during the show ↓

The MorgueEdit


Not so helpful when 2 out of 3 forgot it after leaving the morgue.

This time, "The Morgue" was constructed in the woods. It comprised of Ulysses' body bag on a wood operating table, bags of evidence hung on a wire, and a board of toxic/nontoxic items. Dana, Lindsey and Melina began their usual check on the victim, but found nothing out of the ordinary, except for a bite mark on Ulysses' right leg. Dana distracted Lindsey by suggesting that it must be his shirt, not his jeans, that holds the vital clue, leaving she clueless on what this crime differed from the others.

Last Known WhereaboutsEdit

The stable is where the puns begin. Cris, Sasha and Ronnie were immediately stricken by the names of these horses, all of which were derived from Greek's god(dess)s or demigods, except for Ulysses' horse, whose name was ironically what might have "killed" him, Oleander. On the window of Oleander's cell, it was, coincidentally, a twig of blossoming oleander. Ronnie found a tiny tin box of finishing nails, but soon disregarded it for a larger piece of information, a grinding bowl of oleander. He quickly hid what was left in the bowl, only wasted his time when Cris dug it up a few seconds later.


The first riddle was delivered to Giles by a horse:

Once upon a time, eight followed a trail.
If you choose the wrong path, you might just fail.
If you take the right turn, your life it will save.
If you take the wrong turn, it could lead to your grave.
But try not to scare
Just look to the sky, and you're half way there.
There are three signs placed at the turn, a red, a blue and a white. Geno, Melina, Dana and Sasha chose to follow the red sign, which ended in the familiar "Go Back" sign. Lindsey thought of the clouds, and chose to follow the white sign, but then had to turn back. The correct way is directed by the blue sign, pointing upwards to a clearings where the next challenge awaited.

The second puzzle


The correct answer first given by Kam

The second challenge required the contestants to use all five wrench-like pieces to set up a path from their starting point to the most possible X marked on the map. Said X mark is the next place the players must turn to.

The next location is actually a small cottage full of snakes, a tool that said "Place the murder weapon here", a valise, which also contained snake to fit the theme. The time of scouring the place is limited to 2 minutes, after that, the bell will ring, signals the end of their turn.

Most of them had guessed that the snakes were just their to entertain and it must have been something else that fitted the title "murder weapon". Then, Cris noticed the fake floorboard with 2 nails stuck at the top, then proceeded to own the riddle part for the first time.

State The CaseEdit

The bold italic mark the part where those equestrians fell of the saddle back.

  • Cris states The Killer has used oleander for his/her special recipe, then used a plank to nail in 2 finishing nails.
  • Kam says that the birds spooked the horses.
  • Lindsey describes what happened when the birds got released. She states that Ulysses' got smacked in the back a couple time, which was not entirely true, considering there were some marks on his back.
  • Melina doesn't know how, but she's definitely sure that the oleander has "killed" Ulysses.
  • Ronnie says that The Killer has ground up some oleander and rubbed it on some nails.
  • Geno mentions the tripwire on their way to the watering hole. He thinks the "present" that The Killer had left for Ulysses actually "killed" him.
  • Dana agrees with Geno on the snake bite, completely forgets what the board at the morgue instructed.
  • Sasha notes the oleander in the stable. Sasha's theory is much fascinating, she thinks Ulysses was chewing some tobacco mixed with oleander when he "died".


The killer first set up the bird cage and tripwire along the trail. Back at the stable, the killer hammered two nails into a floorboard, in a pattern similar to what a snakebite would look like. The nails were laced with poisonous ground oleander. While riding along the path, one of the guest's horses set off the tripwire, which released the birds, startling the horses. In the ensuing commotion, the killer secretly struck Ulysses in the right leg with the floorboard, lethally poisoning him. Ulysses lost control of his horse, and both he and his horse fell. The killer later hid the floorboard and placed the non-poisonous kingsnake in Ulysses' horse's left saddle bag as a red herring.


In the end:

  • Cris became the first one ever to both solve the case and win the stage.
  • The rest of team Kam, along with Melina and Ronnie were safe.
  • Geno received his first scared card.
  • But lucky for him, Dana and Sasha has already got his back.


  • This episode is the first not to feature the TOD of the victim, and that seems to have been dropped in later episodes since.
  • This is the first and only episode to feature 3 "scared" cards.
  • Also the first to concludes with 2 "deaths" instead of one as usual.
  • Ulysses is Greek name, and the horse's names are derived from Greek gods/demigods such as Artemis, Apollo, Hermes... except for, of course, Ulysses' horse, whose name is, oddly enough, Oleander.
  • Ulysses stated that Don was bitten, well it's him who got bitten the next day.

Postmortem [4]Edit

  1. There were 58 snakes (ranging in length from 3' - 12') inside the cabin that guests walked through. ( snake needs to be 12' long. Just sayin'.)
  2. If some of the snakes in the cabin look familiar, that's because many appeared in the film Snakes on a Plane.
  3. The birds that flew off, startling the horses, were actually homing pigeons whose home was only a short flight of 15 minutes away.
  4. Oleander blossoms are deadly to both humans and horses if consumed.
  5. Horses are very smart animals. Professionally trained, they can typically learn to ‘lay down’ on command in just a few weeks.
  6. While none of the snakes actually used on set are considered deadly, the surrounding area’s natural habitat is home to the lethal Mojave rattlesnake. (Obviously, it would have posed a few problems to the guests use the local fauna.)
  7. The stunt horse was also featured in Django Unchained and the new Lone Ranger movie. (And yet, he totally doesn't have a huge ego. He's surprisingly down to Earth.)
  8. Ronnie and Melina are the ones worried about Ulysses more than Lindsey and his team.


  1. Being poisoned by oleandrin, extracted from oleander, Ulysses must have exhibited some sorts of gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting... But yet, his body "is clean".
  2. Though considered poisonous, there are very few reported death from oleander intoxication.

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