And the winner is… Your Killer.
— The Killer's salutation
All The World's A Stage
Season 1, Episode 6
All The World's A Stage
Air date: July 28, 2013
Written by: Anthony E. Zuiker
Elizabeth Devine [1]
Directed by: Anthony B. Sacco
Viewers: 3.04 mil [2]
Ratings: 1.1 [2]
Winner: Cris
Scared: Ronnie and Geno
Murdered: Geno
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All The World's A Stage is the 6th episode of Whodunnit? Season 1, aired on ABC [3] on July 28, 2013. This episode digs further to the investigations of Dana's and Sasha's "deaths".


In this episode, Geno discovers Dana and Sasha both dead by the piano. The Killer has committed a double murder. Hours earlier while Dana and Sasha were sleeping, the killer used a door opening gizmo, to break into Sasha's room. He then knocked her out by smothering her with a cloth that was soaked in chloroform, and placed her on the 3-wheeled cart and went to Dana's room, leaving behind 13-size shoe prints and tire tracks. Even though 13-size shoes belong to most men, this pair has tissues in them. The Killer then broke into Dana's room, woke her up and held her at knife point. He/she then forced Dana to push the cart carrying Sasha to the elevator while the killer jabs her in the back with a hunting knife. The killer then took them to a secret room behind the morgue, and then smothered Dana with a chloroform-soaked cloth as well. He then cut open each of their arms, draining every last drop of their blood. The killer then dressed them up and placed them at the piano and changed the room temperature to very chilly conditions. At an early dinner, Geno and Ronnie both got "scared" cards. The Killer then left Giles a message that no one would die on night six and organized a luau party at the manor. At the party, everyone celebrated with a limbo that even Giles participated in. Geno proposes a toast before the lights suddenly go out and a crash is heard. When Giles, the maids, and the guests turn on flashlights, they discover Geno crushed underneath a fallen chandelier.


Crime Scene Photos

Wanna do some extra scrutiny? Check out below ↓

The Morgue

This is the first time Kam and Ronnie have ever gone to the morgue. The first wounds visible were 2 matching cut on the forearm of both victims, on Sasha's left arm and Dana's right arm. Also there were some sort of fibres in both Dana's and Sasha's nostril, suggesting they were knocked out.

On the counter, there were 2 bags marked "Evidence" containing their pajamas. Dana's was drenched in blood dripping down her pants, apparently what was discovered by the Last Known Whereabouts teams, while Sasha's was still intact. Turning Dana's body around, they found the mortal wound about 3 to 5 inches to the left of her spine.

After thoroughly investigating the bodies, they planned a scheme of icing Geno out. While disagreeing with Kam, Ronnie sure planned to give Geno few information.

Sasha's Room

Geno and Lindsey teamed up to scratch Sasha's room for clues. On the rug before Sasha's room, there are imprinted trails along with some male shoeprints, Geno's size, and some smaller footprints, presumably Dana's. On Sasha's bed, they found a handkerchief with lipstick stain, suggesting she'd have been sedated before getting killed. Like the rug outside Sasha's room, the carpet inside her room is also imprinted with 2 sets of trails that appears to have been created by a 3-wheeled cart and a lot more shoeprints. Perhaps, The Killer went in, put Sasha to sleep, and cart her out. Back to the hallway, there are some visible blood drops leading Geno and Lindsey to the elevator.


Dana's Room

For the close proximity of 2 rooms, Cris and Melina had to wait for their turn.
They were able to find the shoeprints and trails. They also found out that the door had been locked, so they sat down, where a metal rod is visible. It instructed them to slide "the device" under and up, bend left then pull. It was a reference to how The Killer must have broken into Dana's room.

In Dana's room, they were able to find some wheel marks, visibly darker than those in Sasha's, leading Cris to fancy for a tricycle. Scrutinizing her room is a dead loss. Only when they came back outside did they realize there were only Dana's footprints, along with some blood drops leading to the elevator.
By the size of the shoeprints, the two discussed if it was wise enough to spill the whole thing, especially to Geno.


After a few information bargains, the contestants settled down for some entertainment, with a special surprise. They're accompanied by "handsome" custom-made wax replicas. And there came the movies:

Doppelgangers of six, let's have some fun.
I kill and I kill, till I get down to one.
Here's a mind-bending clue, for the dummy in you.
Or will the dummy in you have not a clue?
Take notes of double snowman, they will be key.
Just a lift of the lid and you will see.
Double snowman got somebody running for the morgue, while in fact, in conjunction with the key, referred to the 88 keys of the ominous piano, where 6 scrolls were found.
No doctor performs this painful task,
Operate on myself, you ask?
Slice up your stitches, right to the bone,
Find what's inside, it's your clue to hone.
...said the scrolls accompanied by a scalpel each. Then team Ronnie proceeded to rip their copies off, literally. Half way through and their advantage was once again spoiled by team Kam. And just like before, Cris claimed the final clue while Geno and Melina were still waltzing back for their scalpels.
If these walls could talk, they'd implicate me
A cold-blooded killer... no one can see.
The place where I dwell is closed off to all.
Move things to the side. Find my hidden wall.
You may need your scalpel when you run about.
Cut across. Cut down. Cut my heart out.
After ripping off the paper wall behind one of the shelves in the morgue, Cris entered the second Morgue, far creepier than the first one. There, she found:

— 2 operating tables with blood on the drain.
— Operating tools, along with the knife that killed Dana.
— A 3-wheeled black cart.
— Another handkerchief with lipstick stain along with a bottle of chloroform.
— A stuffed shoe, implying that the killer doesn't have to be Geno in particular.

State The Case

The italic bold signals where the players got their bloopers

  • Cris says that The Killer used the elevator to sneak up the 2 girls with a black 3-wheeled cart and after entering the secret Morgue, he/she also knocked Dana out.
  • Kam states that The Killer used chloroform to knock Sasha out first and then Dana, and while transporting the 2 in the elevator, blood poured out of Dana's pants.
  • Melina mentions that The Killer went to Dana's room when finishing Sasha. But she's yet to figure out where the secret room is. She remembers the chill of the house and mistakes it for contribution to the deaths of Dana and Sasha.
  • Lindsey points out the contraption The Killer used to rig the door of Dana's and Sasha's rooms, then with the knife on Dana's back, he/she marched her out the doorway.
  • Geno comes up with a cool way of disposing body, by wrapping them up in some sort of comforter so nothing would spill and then The Killer just moved around the secret tunnel unseen.
  • Ronnie thinks The Killer was equipped with embalming equipment when sneaking up to the girls' rooms. He takes it to the new level with The Killer dragging Dana across the hallway, extracting her blood in process.


The killer, wearing the large sneakers, used the door-opening contraption to break into Sasha's room and entered with the cart. After knocking Sasha out using the chloroform-soaked rag, the killer loaded her body into the cart and left the room. Next door, the killer re-used the contraption to open Dana's room, leaving the device behind. Waking Dana up at knifepoint, the killer coerced her out of bed and down the hall, jabbing the knife to her back and leaving a small blood trail. The killer forced Dana to roll the cart with Sasha to the elevator and to the makeshift morgue. After Dana tearfully placed Sasha on the autopsy table, the killer then knocked her out with another chloroform-soaked rag and put her on the other autopsy table. The killer slashed each of their wrists, killing them by letting all their blood drain out. After dressing them, the killer then posed them at the piano once rigor mortis had begun to set in, and turned up the air conditioning in order to keep them in place.


In the end:

  • Kam earned the spotlight.
  • The rest of team Kam was spared, along with Melina.
  • Ronnie received his first-ever scared card.
  • But he's yet to worry about it, since Geno experienced the "death" in the limelight.


  • This is the first episode not to feature the crime scene, but rather, it was used for the riddle part.
  • Also the first to have two last known whereabouts as there are 2 victims.
  • The first episode to feature a note from The Killer that everyone would be spared, only to go back on his/her promise.

Postmortem [4]

  1. The silent movie playing during the riddle was the original Frankenstein, from 1910.
  2. Off-camera, the special effects artist, John Goodwin, had to get face masks from each contestant and then pour them into molds. Contestants had no idea what he was doing and what it was for. The process took about 45 minutes per person.
  3. Both victims' real lipsticks were used to draw on their lips.
  4. The door markings were actually made with a key by show creator Anthony Zuiker.
  5. The mansion featured a fully functional Turkish spa that production turned in to the morgue.
  6. Anthony Zuiker personally placed the droplets of blood on to the hallway floor to ensure that the crime scene matched his script perfectly.


  1. It's impossible to get a corpse standing or sitting straight up without cable support.

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